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david and gillian
Teh Grimmerie Icons
11|02|06 - 01:25 - 17 lkos gillian anderson
gillian anderson - last king of scotland
thanks to gillianleigh for the images

goodbye scully, hello tan-blonde hottnessCollapse )
10|29|06 - 01:30 - xf - happy halloween!
15 david/gillian rolling stones shoot

♥ comment/credit if you snag
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♥ no editing
♥ noms are love! just ask first
please and thanks.

let's give them something to talk aboutCollapse )
10|08|06 - 01:57 - photography
just a few new photos, a few of me too.

hereCollapse )
09|22|06 - 15:57 - 36 multifandom
aly and aj
idina menzel

♥comment/credit if you snag
♥no hotlinking
♥textless icons are not bases, no editing please


friend the comm && join the comm

hereCollapse )
Hi guys. It's been quite a while since my last update since school/work/music is leaving me with no anti-social life, or time to spend with my LJ people. :( But I just wanted to know, if I were to start making brushes, textures, or other resources like that, what would you like to see from me? Please be specific, because I'm not feeling very decisive right now.

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