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Teh Grimmerie Icons
holiday post - part 2 [xf] 
01|01|07 - 03:32
There should've been more icons here. Like WAY more. But guess who's grandpa decided to unplug my computer so he could vacuum? Ooh, right on. MINE. I'm a little ticked off at the moment, so please bear with me. I tried to recreate like half the icons I made, and I didn't even make nearly half of them before I just gave up. So here's what I've come up with so far for the second part to my holiday icons. I may get around to remaking my Broadway and Disney Channel ones as well in the coming days, but don't count on it. :[

01. 02. 03. 04.
05. 06. 07. 08.
09. 10. 11. 12.
13. 14. 15. 16.
17. 18. 19. 20.

like what you see? friend the comm for updates.

also, check out the new layout teh_grimmerie :]
01|01|07 - 09:52 (UTC)
Gorgeous as always Justine! :D I saved 11 and 13 and will credit if I use :)
01|01|07 - 09:58 (UTC)
Thank you! :] #11 wasn't a favorite of mine, so I guess it's encouraging that someone likes it.

Happy New Year!
01|01|07 - 10:46 (UTC)
Ooo those are nice! I like the animated ones because you put them together and they kind of look like Christmas lights to me. Awww, this post makes me all nostalgic. #20 is absolutely beautiful! Where did you get that papery texture, by the way? And also #16 is so well designed. The coloring is perfect!
01|01|07 - 19:14 (UTC)
Hi, Fox! :]

Thanks so much for your compliments. I was really frustrated when I made this batch, so I was practically crossing my fingers that the icons would reflect more of a happy spirit than I had at the time. Christmas lights? That's cute! I never thought of it that way. :] The papery texture - I think - was made by blimey_icons, and if they're not the one who made it, then go to textures_r_us because I just downloaded these a few days ago. #16 and #20 were actually a couple of the icons I had lost when my computer shut down, so it makes me rather happy they came out decently.

Hope you're doing well. Cheers to the new year! ♥
01|01|07 - 13:00 (UTC)
Okay, so you've started this year with such a wonderful, original and amazing batch of icons, that I'm sure, all year 2007 will be the most creative year in your life :D:P
Animated icons are lovely :) It's amazing that Mulder and Scully are with us from 14 years! How old were you, when the show began? I was 7 :D It's so incredible it's still so popular :) So icons #01-06 nostalgic ;)
But #07-20 are absolutely, totally, extremely awesome! :D Your use of textures in this batch is amazing. Colors are sooooo yours and unique :)
#07/08 are big LOL ;) Another example of how Mulder does NOT gaze at Scully. Yeah, right ;)
#11 is great - I really love the coloring. And it's so classic capture, just cute :)
#13-15 - ok, so here I'm speechless. Those are sooooo XF-style. It's a classic. Imean, when I people think about XFiles, they probably see something like that. You used brilliant photo, awesome texture, did wonderful coloring, srsly, it's just perfect icon. When I see something like that, I think: "Oh yes, and that's what iconing is about". It's fabulous, Justine :)
#17-19 - I adore those colors - so warm, so perfect for shippy icons like these ones.

Hope there will be more so utterly beautiful icon-posts in this year, hun :)

p.s. New layout is great, and new header just yummy :D Well done, my dear Justiner :P
01|01|07 - 19:25 (UTC)
I'm not very proud of this batch, just because it'd could've been so much better if my computer *hadn't* been unplugged...but you know, that stuff just happens. Thanks for the encouragement! The most creative year in my life? Well, I don't know about that, but I can sure hope. ;]

I know, 14 years! It's unbelievable. Technically, I was 2 when the show started. Lol. I didn't start watching until I was about 9 or 10. Were you watching from the beginning? If I had started when I was 7, I think I would've probably cried when I saw the flukeman or something. *laughs*

#07/08 - "big," huh? That's cute. :D When I saw that picture, it just hit me - OMG he's SO gazing at her. HA. And of course, I had to make some icons.

#13-15 seemed, oh, I don't know - very X-Filish to me when I saw the picture. I noticed the blue background and realized how wonderful some selective coloring could make the whole image look. I hate posting a thousand variations of an image, but in this case, I wasn't sure what variation people would prefer. Glad you like those so much!

#17-19. Well, you know me and my shippy mind. Plus, I had to make some matching icons for my comm's layout. I absolutely love that shot anyway. It's so...perfect. And it doesn't reflect Mulder and Scully, but David and Gillian. I'm not a snogger, but HOLY ARE THEY NOT HOT TOGETHER? Lmao.

Thanks for the new year wishes. I hope so too. ;] And speaking of utterly beautiful icon posts, ahem, darling. *cough cough*
01|01|07 - 22:20 (UTC)
I'm not very proud of this batch, just because it'd could've been so much better if my computer *hadn't* been unplugged...but you know, that stuff just happens.
You know, I'm a little angry at your grandpa also :P Of course it'd so much better if this batch was bigger, but, hey - better little than nothing, right? Especially whan this "little" is a batch of sooooo fabulous icons :D

I wasn't watching XF from the beginning. You know, they released it in my country in '95 or so and it was emited at very late night hours. I've started to watch it around '99, when one of TV station decided to rerun the show from the beginning :] So, I was around 12, when I started to watch XF ;) Anyway I don't remember life "before X-Files" :P:D

And speaking of utterly beautiful icon posts, ahem, darling. *cough cough*
Are you trying to insinuate something? :P Anyway, I wouldn't count on some icons from me, in near future. I feel completely burnt-out [such a lame argument, I know :P]. Right now I'm not able to make at least one really good icon...

Oh, one thing more. I couldn't resist taking one more icon from this excellent set :) I guess my choice won't surprise you :> It's just such a sweet icon :)
01|01|07 - 22:42 (UTC)
We should punish my grandpa or something. Take away his comfy chair and his coffee and he'd probably go into an instant coma. :P

Oh yes, I forgot that it started a few years after it began over here! Oh I know how you feel, I hardly remember life "before the X-Files" either. There wasn't any excitement. Lol, how sad! ;]

Right now I'm not able to make at least one really good icon...
Tsh. You expect me to believe this? I bet you could make a decent icon with your eyes closed. You could probably *speak* one into being! LOL.

01|05|07 - 01:22 (UTC)
I was 9 and watched the show through my hands. :)
01|01|07 - 13:40 (UTC)
aww I love these! especially 6. *le sigh*
01|01|07 - 19:26 (UTC)
That scene was almost perfect. If she had, in return, put her hand around his back, then I would've cried! Lol. But thank you, it is a sigh-worthy scene. In fact, when I made this batch, as if nobody can tell, I was feeling *very* nostalgic thinking "wow, 14 years." And they're still alive and out there. :]
01|01|07 - 13:57 (UTC)
Love them all, SO using #7.
01|01|07 - 19:27 (UTC)
Hehe, thanks. When I saw that picture, you can imagine my sudden need to make an icon out of it. I looked at it and went "HA. You don't gaze at Scully my ass!" Lol.
01|01|07 - 14:56 (UTC)
saved some! :D great icons, will credit:)
01|01|07 - 19:27 (UTC)
Thank you so much! :] Happy New Year.
01|01|07 - 16:50 (UTC)
gorgeous coloring!
01|01|07 - 19:28 (UTC)
Aww, thanks so much! I love your username. ;]
01|01|07 - 18:17 (UTC)
LOL, #7 cracks me up. verry lovely batch, #13-15 are really awesome *snags* What a great way to start off the new year.
01|01|07 - 19:29 (UTC)
Thanks, hun! Happy New Year, best wishes to ya. :D
(Deleted comment)
01|01|07 - 19:29 (UTC)
It is true. I mean, they've already made it to 14 years, forever's really not far off. ;] Thank you!
01|01|07 - 20:40 (UTC)
Lovely icons! Bright, happy and animated. 7 and 8 in particular rock!

Happy New Year to you :)
01|01|07 - 21:25 (UTC)
Thanks, dood. :] I saw that picture and just snickered when I thought of the Rain King quote. You can imagine how much of a need I was feeling to icon that. ;]

Oh. And I'm not even a fan of Alias per se, but your icon is soooo gorgeous. I love how you can get away with making grungy and dark icons, when it's so trendy to make bright, radioactive icons. And they're just GORGEOUS.
01|01|07 - 23:10 (UTC)
Oh it's an actual pic? I thought it was a manip! That's even cooler :D

Aww thank you!
01|01|07 - 21:01 (UTC)
*Hoards them all*
Oh, my goodness, you are too amazing for words. Seriously. To be half as good as you would be a treat. Snagged...pretty much all of them. The colouring is gorgeous, especially on 17-19 (I love that shot). Thank you!
01|01|07 - 21:25 (UTC)
Oh wow! Thank you so much. So many compliments. *blushes* I love your icon, btw! I've kind of drifted away from CSI since I was such a huge GC shipper, but they'll always be in my heart.
01|01|07 - 21:48 (UTC)
You're welcome! You deserve it. And thank you! I started drifting away from CSI, too, until recently when I decided to re-watch a couple of the eps. GC is my original OTP (before I discovered the original OTP, that is).
PS Fur and Loathing=♥. I love that ep!
01|01|07 - 22:23 (UTC)
I'm definitely not a fan of GSR. I don't know, there's something extremely nauseating about "geeks in love." And the age difference, btw.

Oh yes, I love Fur and Loathing, too. It's such a hilarious episode.
01|02|07 - 00:39 (UTC)
Oh, neither am I. Huge anti-GSR advocate over here--I can't stomach the age difference, or the character of Sara Sidle at all. In my opinion, if you're going to pine after someone for six seasons, get shot down at every turn, and finally wear them down enough so that they just give up, then it is not love. Yech. I just stick to GC and MS, and I'm happy.

"Well, I like a hairy chest, but I'm not about to bop a six foot weasel." LOL best episode of season 4.
I'll stop now, I swear. Sorry!
01|02|07 - 03:39 (UTC)
Haha, that is one of the best quotes from the show ever! :D

Oh and I know, I TOTALLY hate the character of Sara. And I'm sorry - this isn't even my typical personality - but Jorja Fox bugs me. She's just...ugly. And she can't act. LOL.
01|02|07 - 03:45 (UTC)
Yes! Thank you! There are so many Sara-lovers out there that I feel like the only one who thinks she's just horrible. And no, she cannot act LOL. Plus, the gap-tooth bugs me *is vain*.

That quote, and the whole Furry convention conversation. Classic. :D
01|01|07 - 21:34 (UTC)
much prettiness! happy new year! :D
01|01|07 - 22:18 (UTC)
Thanks so much! :D You too! Hey, who's that in your icon?
01|01|07 - 23:26 (UTC)
gillian and david random shots cut&paste :]
01|02|07 - 03:38 (UTC)
Ooh, do you happen to have that Gillian picture? I remember her wearing outfit, but I can't seem to find that pic. :D
01|02|07 - 03:34 (UTC)
18 is real pretty! snagging! :D
01|02|07 - 03:37 (UTC)
Hehe, thanks so much! :] I don't know who's in your icon, but I love the whole concept of it.
01|02|07 - 05:02 (UTC)
Love them all...putting in my memories.
06|11|07 - 22:34 (UTC)
19 is my favest of them all, you're really ace at making icons!! will credit when i use it if that is alright with you?!
06|12|07 - 15:29 (UTC)
Beautiful icons. Xfiles♥
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